That I should check out Twitter for its educational and resource possibilities, rather then the simple social networking and popularity aspect.

Either way I hope to meet a lot of fellow educators, network with them, use them as a resource, and eventually be able to contribute my ideas with the masses as well.  Well I would have to be socially popular for it to be for the masses… Oh jeeze, I guess I am joining for the social networking and popularity…

I guess as long as I keep it education and professional development related it should be fine.

So if you wish to follow me and keep me to my noble word, the image above will connect you to me and my educational centered twitter account.


Quest 2 Learn

Quest 2 Learn

My reaction to this particular learning program is of excitement and wonder.  These children are using computers and technology to create games that could possibly revolutionize the teaching industry.  I heard someone in the video say if we teach our children today the way we did yesterday, we robe them of tomorrow.  I think that is very true particularly in this 21st Century world we live in now.

I think that the use of games doesn’t have to be limited to computers.  I have a strong believe that using sports or sport like games can also be a valuable tool for children to learn.  I hope that creative computer gaming can do as one speaker in the video mentioned that games be the means to instruct and test children all at once.

I have experience with playing games particularly video and computer games as I’ve grown up.  What didn’t come to my attention until I saw this video was that all games instruct or teach the gamer how to play and in finishing or “winning” the game the player knows the skills the game has taught you.  Unfortunately, when I think about educational games, they are all very remedial and meant for very small children.  I recall when I was learning to type on the computer I played a game that helped me learn it.  It wasn’t exactly exciting or provocative that I wanted to play it, although it was a game it didn’t really take my attention away from wanting to play real video games or on the computer.

Seeing the innovative things Quest 2 Learn is doing it might be possible for kids to create games that kids would be interested in enough to play to completion and actually learn something useful.

Kindergarten Introduction to History & Social Science

Kindergarten Introduction to History & Social Science

My Learning Standard Focus

My standard of learning focus for this semester is Kindergarten History & Social Science as it specifically pertains to students learning about maps and globes and how it applies to them in real-life situations.  I’d like to find a way to integrate daily activities throughout a school year that would help assist the children in understanding maps, globes, and how they help in everyday life.

100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration | Online Classes | Diigo

100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration | Online Classes | Diigo.


I really enjoyed looking through Mrs. Maria Knee’s KinderKids’ Blog for her kindergarten class.  I like the ability of a teacher to show the world and specifically the families of the children what they are learning in school.

I think this is a way of using technology that can really help parents and other members of a child’s family to be involved in their education.  I especially liked how she had a specific place for the kids themselves to post on the blog that was safe, comments required approval from the teacher herself.  This is the 21st century version of macaroni art work or story note books that will never be lost or destroyed.

I think this is a great way for kids to track their progress through school particularly if each teacher they have in future grades adopts this form of sharing what a class is learning.  It also gives children the ability to have something to share when creating their own blogs with their parents and families.  I hope I have the ability to do this with a future class of mine.