Teaching Functional Formats and Blogging in One Lesson

As I finished writing my last post, I noticed that the way in which I was formatting my post was reminiscent of a newspaper article.  I thought again, why exactly was I automatically formatting my blog post to resemble a newspaper print article?  It’s because of being taught functional reading formats in, what I would guess was around 3rd Grade, stuck with me.  I must have had a really great elementary school teachers.

So what does that have anything to do about teaching Functional Formats and Blogging all together?

What it has to do with is if you are teaching students about Functional Reading Formats, as the Standards of Learning dictate they learn, already, why not make it engaging to the students to allow them all to be on computers (which every student I’ve ever worked with yearns to do).  If you as a teacher is comfortable with basic blog set-up and editing of an online blog then you can use it to teach about what they really need to know which is the Functional Format standard.

In the end, the idea is, teach students to learn concepts and skills using the concepts and skills as tools, rather than as independently learned skills.


100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration | Online Classes | Diigo

100 Seriously Cool Classroom Blogs for Teaching Ideas & Inspiration | Online Classes | Diigo.


I really enjoyed looking through Mrs. Maria Knee’s KinderKids’ Blog for her kindergarten class.  I like the ability of a teacher to show the world and specifically the families of the children what they are learning in school.

I think this is a way of using technology that can really help parents and other members of a child’s family to be involved in their education.  I especially liked how she had a specific place for the kids themselves to post on the blog that was safe, comments required approval from the teacher herself.  This is the 21st century version of macaroni art work or story note books that will never be lost or destroyed.

I think this is a great way for kids to track their progress through school particularly if each teacher they have in future grades adopts this form of sharing what a class is learning.  It also gives children the ability to have something to share when creating their own blogs with their parents and families.  I hope I have the ability to do this with a future class of mine.