I found out about PiktoChart from a tweet a got from @Edudemic.  They tweet a lot, but there are definitely some good finds if you pay attention.

Piktochart example comparison chart

Click to see Piktochart.com

Piktochart is a great way to visualize pretty much anything.  For a visual learner like me it’s an amazing tool.  The ability to drag and drop with this site makes it super easy to create awesome visuals.  There are many themes and ready-made tools to help anyone make a graphic like the one above.

I think believe this will be a very useful tool for me in visualizing a number of things in my classroom, not to mention it gives me a great idea for a lesson plan/class assignment or project.



That I should check out Twitter for its educational and resource possibilities, rather then the simple social networking and popularity aspect.

Either way I hope to meet a lot of fellow educators, network with them, use them as a resource, and eventually be able to contribute my ideas with the masses as well.  Well I would have to be socially popular for it to be for the masses… Oh jeeze, I guess I am joining for the social networking and popularity…

I guess as long as I keep it education and professional development related it should be fine.

So if you wish to follow me and keep me to my noble word, the image above will connect you to me and my educational centered twitter account.